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July 26, 2023


Role & Responsibilities

The Treasurer shall have the custody of all funds, property, and securities of the Corporation, subject to such regulations as may be imposed by the Board. The Treasurer may be required to give bond for the faithful performance of his/her duties, in such sum and with such sureties as the Board may require. When necessary or proper, the Treasurer may endorse on behalf of the Corporation for collection checks, notes, and other obligations, and shall deposit the same to the credit of the Corporation at such bank(s) or depositary as the Board may designate. The Treasurer shall sign all receipts and vouchers and, together with such other officer(s), if any, as shall be designated by the Board, shall sign all checks of the Corporation and all bills of exchange and promissory notes issued by the Corporation. The Treasurer shall enter regularly on the books of the Corporation, which are to be kept by him/her for that purpose, a full and accurate account of all moneys and obligations received, paid off, or incurred by him/her for, or on account of, the Corporation, and the Treasurer shall exhibit such books at any reasonable time(s) to any Board Member. The Treasurer shall be employed or have current or previous viable work experience in the financial industry, including but not limited to, work experience as an accountant, financial advisor, financial representative, banker, and/or other experience in the financial industry or with substantial financial responsibilities.

Tasks include:

  • Manage finances of the organization and present updates at each board meeting
  • Work with the Executive Director to provide an annual budget to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Monitor expenditures of teams/programs to ensure they remain within budget
  • Ensure development and board review of financial policies and procedures
  • Assist the Executive Director in coordinating fundraising for the organization

Open Leadership Opportunities

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Check our leadership opportunities page for open positions or check back soon! Typically, positions open in Jan/Feb with roles beginning Mar/Apr. From time to time, roles may open mid-year.

Feel free to join us at any of our workshops to participate in the planning process and get connected for a leg up when positions are open.

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Selection Process

  • Submit Your Application
    Submit your application by the deadline to be considered for any of our positions. We’ll follow up to schedule your peer interview once applications close.
  • Peer Interview
    We’ll conduct peer interviews with a panel comprised of PYP leaders and members. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you as much as it is for you to get to know us.
  • Decisions
    Once the panel makes a decision you’ll receive a call with the results. If you’re offered a position, we invite you to join us at our next board meeting where we’ll vote to make it official.
  • Board Meeting
    The board will vote to accept your nomination. After this meeting, we’ll reach out with next steps on your transition. We can’t wait to get started with you!