The Pensacola Young Professionals is dedicated to highlighting our communities areas of need as well as promoting the positive work our area nonprofits are already doing.


We host regular community service opportunities, community roundtables, and special events to provide our members with opportunities to make a positive change in our community.


  • Build leadership with service projects in the Pensacola community
  • Support our nonprofit partners in providing an excellent quality of life for all
  • Create new connections for members to programs and opportunities in our community
  • Educate our membership on local economic developments and community building efforts
  • Engage young people in the community development of the Pensacola area
  • Provide a standardized tool for the Pensacola community to assess community concerns of quality of life year after year
  • Provide information community stakeholders need to instigate change for the better

Impact Programs

Community Service

We host regular volunteer opportunities for our members to become active parts of our community, dedicate our time and talents, and assist our partner nonprofits throughout the year. Traditionally called "Service Saturday", you'll often find our team doing beach or Adopt-a-Spot cleanups, making a meal for Ronald McDonald House, or sorting food at Feeding the Gulf Coast.

  • In 2022, PYP adopted Dunwoody Park as our "Adopt-a-Spot" park with Keep Pensacola Beautiful. Every quarter, PYP members visit the park, clean up any trash, and build new relationships.

Community Development

We take time each month to educate our members on what’s going on in the community. Our Community Roundtables highlight community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses. These programs provide our members with an opportunity to learn about a variety of initiatives and programs in our areas and an opportunity to engage with local leaders and community partners.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life Survey is an independent survey tool that was developed by Mason-Dixon to study communities around the country and evaluate the categories and characteristics that people perceive as having the most impact on the quality of life.

What to Expect

Come with an open mind and positive attitude. You’ll get what you put in and you’ll get more as an active participant.


We’re in the business of educating our members on the latest happenings that are important to our community and our young professionals.

Say Hi!

Everyone is here to meet people and exchange ideas. Move around the room and join a conversation!


We encourage a solicit-free environment at all of our events to help you build relationships first. Leave the heavy sales pitch at home.

Upcoming Events


More resources coming soon!

Previous Events

Community Roundtable: Meet & Greet with WSRE

July 23, 2024

Service Saturday: Post-Blues Beach Cleanup

July 20, 2024

Pensacola 4th of July Fireworks

July 4, 2024

Service Saturday: Adopt-a-Spot Clean Up

June 8, 2024

Service Saturday: Volunteering with Manna

May 11, 2024

Service Saturday with the Junior League of Pensacola

April 13, 2024

Nonprofit Expo 2024

March 16, 2024

Service Saturday: Publix Pensacola Double Bridge Run

February 3, 2024