Board, Committees, and Planning

Building leadership skills in young professionals through board service and member engagement initiatives.


Our board and committee meetings are open to all PYP members to attend, participate, and provide feedback to our leaders on the direction of programs and initiatives. Board meetings occur every month while our 3 committees rotate monthly. These are great opportunities to get a better understanding of what our organization is doing and how we operate.


  • Develop leadership skills through board service
  • Provide valuable programming for our members and the Pensacola community
  • Engage membership in the ground work of the mission work PYP provides

The Board of Directors and Leadership Team are comprised of PYP members in good standing who have been active members and are now interested in taking on a major leadership role in the organization. The board meets once a month and provides recommendations and feedback on new PYP initiatives. Committees meet quarterly to workshop current and new initiatives for the upcoming quarter ahead.

Board of Directors meetings are on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Committees meet on the 1st Monday of every month on the following schedule:

  • Programs + Events • Feb, May, Aug, Nov
  • Communications (Marketing + Media) • Mar, June, Aug, Dec
  • Sustainability (Fundraising + Membership) • Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct

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