We provide professional development and mentorship opportunities to support and advance our local workforce.


Pensacola Young Professional’s Workforce Development team hosts and curates growth opportunities for our members year round. Each month you’ll find speakers and seminars on on a variety of topics. Our Workforce Development also oversee our Mentor Pensacola program open to all PYP active members.


  • Develop life skills, soft skills, and leadership skills of the young workforce of Pensacola
  • Connect our members to local thought leaders and innovative ideas
  • Become an incubator for our emerging workforce in an effort to retain young talent in Pensacola
  • Connect young professionals to local community leaders for professional and personal growth
  • Cultivate a culture of mentorship in the Pensacola community
  • Educate our membership on policy issues at the local, state and federal level
  • Engage with public officials and develop the next generation of community leaders

Development Programs

Professional Development

We host monthly professional development seminars entitled PD After Hours. These seminars include a range of topics and speakers. Through our professional development programs, we help our members develop life skills, soft skills, and leadership skills, and we connect our members to local thought leaders and innovative ideas.

Mentor Pensacola

Mentor Pensacola is a professional mentorship program led by Pensacola Young Professionals that pairs PYP members with local community leaders.

Government Affairs

Our Government Affairs programs are designed to educate our membership on policy issues at the local, state and federal level and to provide our members with opportunities to engage with public officials and community leaders.

Where to Start

Register for any of our upcoming Professional Development events here on our website and feel free to introduce yourself when you arrive. Let us know what you’re hoping to get out of the seminar.

Open Mind

Bring your open mind. You may already know about the topic on hand- If so, look for new ways of thinking about it.


Come with a positive attitude. You’ll get what you put in and you’ll get more as an active participant.

Say Hi!

We’re all in this together. Find a buddy and grow with us together.

Cause Support

We regularly poll our members on the latest issues that effect the quality of life of our community and make a public stance in support or against.

Candidate Support

While we’ll support causes, we have a strict political policy ensuring that the organization does not endorse any specific candidate or political party.


We encourage a solicit-free environment at all of our events to help you build relationships first. Leave the heavy sales pitch at home.

Upcoming Events


More resources coming soon!

Previous Events

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August 21, 2024

School Board Candidate Forum

July 17, 2024

2024 Candidate Forum

July 16, 2024

PD After Hours - Toastmasters: More Than Just Public Speaking

July 10, 2024

PD After Hours: Importance of a Tailored Resume

June 19, 2024

PD After Hours: The ABCs of Fundraising: Navigating Development in Volunteer Roles

April 23, 2024

PD After Hours: Shaping Your Career - Portfolio vs. Pathway

February 21, 2024

Working Genius Assessments and Workshop

January 17, 2024