The New PYP Year Ahead

The New PYP Year Ahead

President, Ebony Cornish, shares her vision for the future of PYP as we embark on a new year.

I’m Ebony Cornish and since April 1, 2022, I have been beyond excited! Not only for the opportunity to lead in this capacity or the fact that we’ve been able to retain most of the current leadership team while adopting a new board structure, but also because I’m the first African-American President for this prestigious organization in the community that I’ve been raised in and appreciate with all my heart. I’m humble and grateful for this as it is extremely important more now than ever to uplift and put more action to our diversity statement, offer the ability to empower generations to come, and make Pensacola better for all who represent our young professional population.

As we embark on the beginning of another 15 years for PYP, Meg, myself, our board of directors, and members all have so much to look forward to! One of the things we’re all excited for is member engagement. It will be increased and stronger. We have listened to our members’ wants and interests to refine our approach with after-hours professional development engagements and Second Saturday service initiatives. Furthermore, our new strategic layout will make the member’s journey through PYP more cohesive to the CASE as we aim to Connect, Advance, Support, and Engage our membership. The 2022-2023 executive committee has committed to measuring and seeing that through.

We’re also ecstatic about having more PYP representation at community events, meetings, and business programs to take back our voice (one of the very goals in which PYP was established in 2006). We’ve had to remind ourselves that we must have a seat at the table and be engaged because our feedback and input is just as important as any other group. Employers can look to us for guidance and recruitment, while they strive to create or increase careers for the young professional in the Greater Pensacola area.

We have a plan to increase our community presence with our strong military community as we have a special thing going for us. Here in Pensacola, WE are the Home of the Blue Angels, the Naval Air Station and Corry Station. Engaging with young professionals in our military community will help further our mission and drive key objectives to ensure we’re making the CASE. In addition, our executive team and board have obliged to the expansion of our inaugural special events, such as the Youth Peace Walk for International Day of Peace and Legal Kids Day.

Additionally, we will engage our advisory council this year. Many of those involved in our strategic planning during the 21-22 year have and will be invited to continue or join in providing wise advised counsel us as we move PYP forward.

PYP’s values of leadership, development, connection, inclusion, service and advocacy naturally align with my personal values, so I am beyond blessed to lead and serve as President for 2022-2023.