Announcement: PYP Executive Director Transition

Announcement: PYP Executive Director Transition

I am saddened to announce that this week is our Executive Director, Meg Burke's last week with PYP.

I wanted to let everyone know about some upcoming changes happening here at PYP. I am saddened to announce that this week is our Executive Director, Meg Brown’s (formerly Burke) last week with PYP. Meg informed our Board on November 6 that she was resigning effective December 1. Meg was recently married and moved to Mobile and has entered a new season in life. It no longer made sense for her to serve in her role as PYP’s Executive Director.

I don’t know anyone else who loves PYP more than Meg. Her passion for the organization, its members, its impact, and our community has been demonstrated year after year. She is the embodiment of what we all hope PYP does in our community and members. Meg ended up in Pensacola not intending to stay long. But while she was here, she knew she needed to connect with others and found PYP. Through this organization she found a love for our city, true friendships, and a greater purpose. Because of those things, she never left (and only recently moved because her new husband is from Mobile). PYP is a better organization because Meg has been a part of it. And though her time as Executive Director is over, she isn’t done. She will continue to serve the organization by joining our Advisory Committee.

Meg, two simple words come to mind that I want to say to you. “Well done.” You have led with integrity, zeal, and passion. You have kept the mission of PYP at the forefront of everything you do through every position you have held. From joining PYP in 2012, to serving as President in 2018-2019, to taking on the job of being PYP’s fulltime Executive Director in 2021, you have led us well. I have a saying that I know you agree with, that is, “what I’m a part of is bigger than the role I play.” Yes, PYP is bigger than any one person (as it should be), but, if anyone deserves to be known for their involvement in an organization, it is you and your years of service and dedication to Pensacola Young Professionals.
So, on behalf of the entire organization: the current PYP Board of Directors, members, our Advisory Committee, and those who will get the privilege in the future of belonging to this amazing organization I say to you, “THANK YOU”!!!

So, what does that mean for PYP going forward? It simply means that for the foreseeable future, we will not have a fulltime Executive Director handling the day-to-day operations. This is okay! PYP has operated over its 16-year existence more without an ED than we have with one. Meg has done a terrific job to ensure everything she does or knows how to do is documented so the Board and leadership team can function with as little hiccups as possible. Our Board is committed to continue to provide our members and community with quality programming and events. As we are sad to see Meg go, we also understand that this is just part of the life cycle we often experience in organizations. It isn’t bad, it’s just going to be different. Our Board has also just completed and approved a new strategic plan! This new plan will be our “North star” for the next three years as we intend to continue to grow, continue to impact our community, and continue to serve our members.

Thank you all so much for your involvement in PYP and I look forward for our continued success together!

All the best,
Justin R. Oswald