Community Development

We take time each month to educate our members on what’s going on in the community in economic development, government affairs, and community development.


Pensacola Young Professionals was founded on a mission to create change in our community by helping to bring the Maritime Park project to life. Since then, we’ve spent over a decade giving our members access to information and opportunities to educate themselves on the continued growth and economic development of our community.


  • Educate our membership on policy issues at the local, state and federal level
  • Educate our membership on local economic developments and community building efforts
  • Engage with public officials and develop the next generation of community leaders
  • Increasing voter registration and turnout among young adults

Know Before You Go


We regularly poll our members on the latest issues that effect the quality of life of our community and make a public stance in support or against.


We’re in the business of educating our members on the latest happenings that are important to our community and our young professionals.


While we’ll support causes, we have a strict political policy ensuring that the organization does not endorse any specific candidate or political party.


Come with an open mind and positive attitude. You’ll get what you put in and you’ll get more as an active participant.

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