Membership Team

Membership Team

The mission of the Membership Team is to increase awareness of our organization in the community, to educate members on how to get meaningfully involved in PYP, and to welcome new members to the group. PYP is dedicated to helping its members grow as leaders, network with other professionals, learn more about our area, and give back to our community. The Membership Team is crucial to helping many of our PYP members take their first steps towards achieving these goals.


The Membership Team is focused on both attracting new members and retaining and nurturing existing ones. The team helps organize and host PYP’s Annual Dinner and its other Quarterly Meetings that help bring together the entire membership and provide a great first experience for new or prospective PYP members.

A newer event that the team sponsors is the New Member Bowling Night, which has proven a huge success! New members are able to meet PYP board members and team chairs in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

More big news! The Membership Team has now launched its PYP member benefits program, which will allow PYP members to receive exclusive discounts for various products and services throughout our region. Be sure to pick up your PYP member benefits card at the next Pub Club or Quarterly Meeting.

The Membership Team is also creating a “new member manual.” This manual will be useful in identifying what steps need to be taken when a new member joins, so that PYP can make sure that these new friends feel included and get fully involved.

For more information on these initiatives, or to ask questions about joining PYP, or to RSVP attendance to a monthly team meeting, please contact Drew Hardgrave.

jointly with Networking Team, second Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM
Place: Mackey’s Mudhouse, on Palafox Street in Pensacola
Chair: Drew Hardgrave

To join PYP, please fill out the membership form!